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Compatible with Windows 7 and Office 2010
 Envelopes & Labels  
The Ultimate Envelope and Label printing solution for
Microsoft Outlook!
Envelopes & Labels in Outlook Standard Toolbar
Print one or dozens of Envelopes & Labels with the click of a button New to Outlook
  Design as many custom envelopes and labels as you want - even use you own logos
 Office Documents  
The Fastest way to merge your Outlook contacts into personalized Emails, Documents and spreadsheets!
Office Documents toolbar buttons
  Mail-Merge in two mouse clicks! New to Outlook
Personalized Email, Documents and Spreadsheets
  BCM Contact/Opportunity Reporting New to Outlook
  Instant access to multiple document templates
Categorize, filter and find your Outlook information in two clicks or less!
Assign categories to Outlook items in one mouse click!
Filter Outlook views in one mouse click!
Category Grouping New to Outlook
Category Sharing New to Outlook