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Software Solutions has been providing high quality addins for Microsoft® products for over 15 years.
We pride ourselves in designing powerful and inexpensive software that will not only save you a great amount of time and money but will also be a pleasure to use.
Please register all used installations of our software so we can keep providing you with the best service.
  Current Versions
Discontinued Versions
Microsoft Office Service Packs
Current Versions of Aladdins
Aladdins - Envelopes & Labels 7 Pro   Free 15 day trial  -  Download Now
This addin is the Ultimate Envelope and Label printing solution for Microsoft Outlook.
You can print from inside Outlook or directly from a contact without loading any additional applications. Aladdins enables you to have an unlimited number of envelope and label templates ready to use whenever you need them. Print from one or multiple selected contacts in just a couple of mouse clicks.
Date: 25th November 2014 :  File Size: 3.17Mb
Aladdins - Office Documents 4.5   Free 15 day trial  -  Download Now
This is the Ultimate Document creation and automation solution for Microsoft Outlook.
Create personalized Documents, Spreadsheets and Emails in two mouse clicks!
Perform full mail merges in seconds, even merge information into spreadsheets and emails!
Automatically save and file your documents into contact or project specific folders using Aladdins AutoSave.
Create Aladdins Contacts Lists for easy group mailing.
Create Follow Up Tasks and Journals automatically while you create your documents.
Date: 19th May 2010 :  File Size: 6.9Mb
Aladdins - CategorieZ 4  Category Organizer   Free 15 day trial  -  Download Now
Download x64 Version
A powerful sidebar to Outlook allowing instant control over your categories!
Select an Outlook item and instantly see the categories assigned, need to make changes, easy just use the checkboxes.
Want to filter by categories, easy, select the category name (or categories) and click Filter...DONE!
Date: 21st October 2014 :  File Size: 11.5Mb

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the Aladdins setup file.
  2. Close Outlook.
  3. Run the Aladdins setup file and follow the instructions.
  4. Open Outlook, you should notice extra items added to the Standard toolbar in the main Outlook window (Outlook Explorer) and in the Outlook contact windows (Outlook Contact Inspector).
Discontinued Versions of Aladdins
As a commitment to our customers and their investment in our products we have available our discontinued products for download.
These products are still supported although no updates will be made to support future versions of Microsoft products.
Aladdins Product Filename / Location Date Size
Envelopes & Labels 6 Pro click here to download 19/May/2010 4.38Mb
Categories 3 click here to download 20/May/2010 10.90Mb
Office Documents 3 click here to download 30/Nov/2006 1.93Mb
Envelopes & Labels 5.6 click here to download 30/Jul/2003 1.88Mb
Word Documents 2.5 click here to download 20/Jul/2005 1.34Mb
Excel Documents 1.1 click here to download 17/Feb/2004 1.73Mb

Recommended Downloads from Microsoft®

These files are strongly recommended for the optimum running of Aladdins for Outlook 2003, XP and 2000 users.
Each service pack combines the Office product updates into each download.
Name Date Size
Office 2003
Service Pack 1
77th July 2004 18396 KB -
73906 KB
Office XP
Service Pack 2
16th July 2002 15152kb
Office XP
Service Pack 1
21st November 2001 17901kb
Office 2000
Service Pack 3
21st October 2002 13271kb
Office 2000
Service Pack 2
14th November 2000 8975kb
Office 2000
Service Pack 1a
4th September 2003 166kb

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