BCM Reporting
BCM Reporting features found in Office Documents

Aladdins Office Documents allows powerful and flexible reporting of BCM Opportunity information with just a few mouse clicks.

Opportunity Reporting with Word

One of the many features found in BCM is the ability to create opportunities and link them to your Accounts or Business Contacts. Until now the reporting for BCM Opportunities has been inflexible.

Office Documents allows you to easily create Word Documents based on the selected BCM Opportunities, but it doesn't stop there!

Now your documents can include information from the Opportunity including the Products and Services table and information from the linked BCM Account or Business Contact in one quick merge.


Image showing options for the Opportunities Products and Services table
Products and Services Table Options

Example of a formatted Products and Services table in Word

Example of Products and Services


Opportunity Reporting with Excel

Another feature of the Opportunity reporting is the ability to create excel spreadsheets from selected opportunities. The spreadsheets include a row for each item in the Products and Services table and you can select as many opportunities as you require.

Your Opportunity data can now be manipulated with the full power of Excel allowing data analysis, charting and graphing, quickly and easily.




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