Print Custom Envelopes and Labels in three clicks!
...this continues to be one of the most used applications in the course of my work - Peter Rauh

Aladdins - Envelopes & Labels is the quickest/simplest/smartest solution to printing envelopes & labels!

Your templates are always easily accessed from the main Outlook window or from an open contact.

Click the images below to see how easy it is!

Print from the main Outlook window
by selecting multiple contacts
Print from an open contact
...also shows how to start printing
from any label on a sheet
Some the powerful features of Aladdins - Envelopes & Labels...
  • Start printing labels from any place on the sheet
  • Never waste labels again thanks to AutoFit and AutoResize technology
  • Use custom information in addresses
  • Add Text, Images, and Frames anywhere on your mail-pieces
  • Design different address formats ready for quick selection
  • Addresses formatted on the fly
    • Remove Local Country
    • Set addresses to all caps (USPS preferred format)
  • Use PostNET barcodes and FIM marks
  • Copy existing designs quickly and easily
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