Utilize your Categories

Easily assign categories to your Outlook items

CategorieZ makes it quick and easy to assign categories to your Outlook items; use the mouse to select the categories or a series keyboard shortcuts.

To use the mouse, just click the check box next to the category you require, easy!

CategorieZ provides many Shortcut Keys to navigate the CategorieZ pane, search and assign categories etc, providing the keyboard user with everything they need to quickly categorise their Outlook items.

Filter your Outlook views using CategorieZ

CategorieZ makes it a breeze to filter your views, in fact just two mouse clicks.

Select the name of the category you want then hit the filter Filter Button button. You can select more than one category by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking the category names you require.

CategorieZ also has other filter options, by clicking the drop-down arrow Filter Button Drop-Down on the Filter button you get these choices:

  ...items must include all selected categories (AND) The Outlook view will show only those items that include all the selected categories.
  ...items may contain any of the selected categories (OR) The Outlook view will display items that include any of the selected categories.
  Items with no categories The Outlook view will only display items with no categories assigned.

So what are you waiting for, take the free 15 day trial NOW and take control of your categories the easy way.
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