Synchronize your Categories

Aladdins CategorieZ provides synchronization power, both for categories across your company and within your Outlook data file.

Company Wide Categories

CategorieZ can share categories across a networked environment using either Microsoft Exchange Public Folders or using a networked file share. Other category information is also shared, such as the group and folder types of the category.

Categories can be shared quickly and easily and administrators of the categories easily setup using standard Exchange permissions or Folder share privileges. When changes are made to Public categories the changes are displayed immediately in the CategorieZ pane and in Outlook category lists, without an Outlook restart.

Public categories are displayed in users Category Lists as Public and cannot be modified.

Synchronize Master List with items within folder

Prior to Outlook 2007 users could add categories to Outlook items without the category first having to exist in the master list. This created a problem as users Outlook items could have categories that cannot be easily accessed from Outlook to assign to other items. CategorieZ will display these categories under a group called Not in Master List but CategorieZ also provides a tool for synchronizing the categories found in items with the master list in one step.

Under the Tools button in CategorieZ is an option called Synchronize Master List with items within folder which will check all items in the selected folder and automatically add them to the Master Category List.


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